Where can I find Nature’s Recipe pet food?

Nature’s Recipe dog food is available where ever you buy your groceries or pet food in store or on-line including these retailers:

Amazon.ca [logo] Walmart [logo] Loblaws [logo]
Zehrs [logo] The Great Canadian Superstore [logo] Atlantic Superstore[logo]
Fortinos [logo] Provigo [logo] Independant [logo]
Coop [logo] Save on Foods [logo] PetSmart [logo]
Sobeys [logo] Thrifty Foods [logo] IGA [logo]
Foodland [logo] Safeway [logo] Coop Foodland [logo]
Longos [logo] Buy Low Foods [logo] Nesters Market [logo]
Metro [logo]

Product selection may vary by location.
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How do I switch my pet to Nature’s Recipe?

  • Step 1

    Start with 25% Nature’s Recipe dog food and 75% of your dog’s current food

    We want to make the transition to Nature’s Recipe dog food as smooth as possible. At first, start small. Make a bowl with ¼ delicious Nature’s Recipe dog food and ¾ of your pet’s current food. Keep the Nature’s Recipe bag handy as it has valuable info on portion suggestions and ingredients.

  • Step 2

    Increase the Nature’s Recipe dog food portion to 50%

    If your pet enjoyed the first meal, you can increase the amount of Nature’s Recipe dog food to 50% on the second day. Keep an eye out for changes in his or her bathroom habits, energy levels, sleep habits, and eating behavior and if anything seems out of the ordinary, contact your vet.

  • Step 3

    Move on to 75% Nature’s Recipe dog food

    Once your pet is happily eating 50% Nature’s Recipe dog food, increase to 75% Nature’s Recipe in the next meal. Note, if your pet isn’t there yet, don’t worry. All pets are different and some may take longer than others for their digestive tract to become accustomed to the new food’s composition and ingredients. If you need to, slow down the process and give each step 7 to 14 days. If your pet goes more than 24 hours without eating the new food, don’t offer treats. Instead, give them a full serving of the old food.

  • Step 4

    Your dog is now ready for 100% Nature’s Recipe dog food

    Finally, when your pet is ready, serve a full portion of delicious Nature’s Recipe food. Keep in mind it can take up to 3 months to see the results of a new food in your pet.

My dog will not eat their food

If you’ve just transitioned to a new food and your pet goes more than 24 hours without eating, don’t offer treats. Instead, give them a full serving of the old food until they’re eating normally again.

If they’re no longer eating their normal diet, stop offering treats and see if they eat normally again. You can also try to add wet food to a dry diet or alternate the protein / flavour within the same brand to add variety.

In either case, if your pet goes more than 24 hours without eating, contact your vet.

How much can I feed my dog?

Your dog’s food requirements vary depending upon breed, size, age, level of activity and environment. Please reference the feeding guidelines chart printed on your Nature’s Recipe product packaging or here for Adult dogs, here for Small Breed, and here for Puppies.

Can I feed Nature’s Recipe to my puppy?

Yes! We have a recipe specifically formulated for your puppy’s growing needs. Learn more here.

Have more questions?

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